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schema Solutions Help You to Be More Productive

A Complete and Low Cost Solution

In digital transformation era, schema, as a part of 4th industry revolution, offers you End-To-End business process solution. Having specialized in specific business sector, make us able to help your productivity better and cost-efficient, of course.


Our Solutions:

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Data Rich, Glance-and-Go Experiences

Turn Insights Into Actions

schema provides an engaging dashboard experience to help people develop a deeper understanding of the link between their usage of enterprise resources and how to conserve them.

One Solution for Companies, Big & Small

Secure and Scalable Data Infrastructure

Infinitely flexible, schema technology solutions connect a constellation of inputs to translate raw data into valuable insight.

Internet of Things Class Software

By utilizing open software protocols with schema, you don’t have to worry about vendor lock-in, you’ll always have full access and control of your resource data.

Real-Time Analytics & Alerting

Receive alerts when anomalies are detected, or predetermined thresholds are met, so you can act now, rather than looking backwards at historical events.

New Capabilities, New Experiences

Operational Benefits


Gain a global view across disparate systems that were never designed to work together.

Keeps pace, scalability, and utilizes the latest technologies.

Understand what’s happening now in your company or business in a much simpler solutions, rather than looking back at historical data.

Immediate Cost Savings


Major cost savings compared to traditional business applications that can run in the hundreds of millions of rupiahs.

A lightweight and flexible solution for business owners who thought IT solutions was out of reach.

schema often pays for itself within the first year, because of the cost savings itself.

Empowering Occupants


Help people develop a deeper understanding of the link between their actions and the outcome.

Provide access to real-time data in an easy to understand glance and go format.

Dashboards can be customized for individual experience to reflect the systems in place.

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