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  • Digi-wizard teams certified experts in various platforms technologies (AWS, Azure, Predix, Cloudera, etc.) to help customers transform their business models.


  • Agile Factory for Digital Transformation to quickly validate ideas, provide prototypes and carry out projects in a highly speedy manner.


  • Strong capability to deal with projects of different sizes.


  • Leverage costs by BestShore Offshore Model, leverage latest digital platforms and technologies to optimize cost while improving performance.


Current SLIK checking and analyzing process are requiring a lot of people and consuming a lot of time that it mostly lead to Human error. With CBAS, we will cut a lot of human resource in the process and will reduce the processing and analyzing time.

Product and Service

    01 Credit Bureau Automation System (CBAS)
  • Data Preparation (integrate with your internal system)
  • SLIK Automation
  • IDEB Conversion
  • Pefindo host-to-host checking
  • Reporting and Summary Reporting
  • Financial Calculator
    02 Check & Validation System
  • External Data Integration System
  • Dukcapil, ASLI-RI, PEFINDO, SLIK, APPI, Trusting Social, Rapindo integration
  • Workflow checking template
  • Checking result score

Credit Bureau Automation System (CBAS)

    RPA - SLIK checking Automation
  • Robust
  • User Friendly
  • Scalable/Modular
  • Flexible
  • Simple and Powerful

Corporate Background

    Current SLIK Checking Process :
  • Manually input to the SLIK web application
  • Manually checked and rearrange the result to a defined format for reporting and further analysis
  • Require a lot of people
  • Time consuming
  • Lead to human error

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