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Rural Platform

is an effort to increase the level of economic welfare of rural communities through information technology. This platform is intended to help business people in rural areas to participate in the digital business ecosystem.

Point of Sales (POSIT)

POS Makes it easier and faster to record sales transactions, and store stock movements. Easier and faster reconciliation of payment receipts based on payment types.


POS Makes it easier and faster to record sales transactions, and store stock movements. Easier and faster reconciliation of payment receipts based on payment types.


psbb.id is a website that displays links to make it easier for Indonesian people to find information about the development of COVID-19 and proper waste management.


Current SLIK checking and analyzing processes are requiring a lot of people and consuming a lot of time that it mostly leads to Human error. With CBAS, we will cut a lot of human resources in the process and will reduce the processing and analyzing time.

    Credit Bureau Automation System (CBAS)
  • Data Preparation (integrate with your internal system)
  • SLIK Automation
  • IDEB Conversion
  • Pefindo host-to-host checking
  • Reporting and Summary Reporting
  • Financial Calculator
    Check & Validation System
  • External Data Integration System
  • Dukcapil, ASLI-RI, PEFINDO, SLIK, APPI, Trusting Social, Rapindo integration
  • Workflow checking template
  • Checking result score

Digital Core
(Partnered with Arttha)

Schema and Arttha provide a cloud-based platform integrated with a mobile application that offers several payment products and services through different interfaces, different channels. The PureSoftware - Arttha platform is a system with scalability, interoperability and high performance that provides digital wallets, digital core and branchless banking and microfinance & lending capabilities, providing users with experience via the Omni channel.

Computer Vision
(Partnered with Graymatics)

Schema can help you to make digital video analysis solutions and image-recognition technology, a platform that is able to identify product brands in image or video content.

Conversation Analytics
(Partnered with Unscrambl)

Schema and Unscrambl Inc. can collaborate to provide Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) solutions in the form of conversations (Conversational Analytics).
Access the data by conversation, using Machine Learning and ability to track insight from data, for quick and accurate decision making. We built an advanced conversation (Conversational Analytics) solution to integrate fast access to get data and insight from the data

Runtime Application Self-Protection
(RASP) (Partnered with Promon)

Schema is helped by Promon to developing Run Time Application Self-Protection (RASP). With Promon's technology is research-based and originates from the internationally recognized research environments at SINTEF and the University of Oslo. Promon’s patented deep protection technology Promon SHIELD™ has protected apps and applications used by more than 100 Mill users since 2009 in industries such as finance, health, and the public sector.

Digital DNA for Identification User
(Partnered with Callsign)

Founded in 2012 with a mission to build a network of billions of verified identities by working with the largest banks in the world. The first identification platform that uses ai to build digital DNA for identification of users.

Electronic Signature and Agreement Cloud
(Partnered with DocuSign)

Generate agreements, facilitate negotiation, track redlines, and ensure version control. Connect and track business processes across contributors, reviewers, approvers and more Centralize agreements in a secure, searchable repository.

Enterprise Analytics Platform
(Partnered with MicroStrategy)

Quickly deploy consumer-grade BI experiences for every role, on any device, with the platform that provides sub-second response at enterprise scale. Delivering value to your customers and increasing adoption through analytics with mass-automation, governance, security, scalability, and low cost of ownership.

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